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Editor’s Notes
by George Schaub

Articles & Images
by Jim Zuckerman


Tools Of The Trade
Our “Read Me” Notes For This Issue...

Oil And Water
Who Says They Don’t Mix?

Food Coloring In Water
Floating Abstracts

Making A Kaleidoscope
“Fracturing” The View

Traffic Lights
Long Exposures At Night

Designs In Paint
Swirling Color, Close Up

Shooting Crystals
All The Colors Of The Rainbow

Soap In A Frame
Color, Light And Surface

Geometric Light Trails
A Penlight, A String, Some Gels And You’re In

Frozen Leaves
Pattern And Design

Intriguing Designs In Smoke
Ethereal Images Made Easy

Blacklight Photography
A ’60’s Technique Made New

Color Mismatches For Creative Effect
White Balance Tips

Eliminating Distracting Elements
Creative Use Of Depth Of Field

Bubble In A Bubble
Color & Design Close Up

Spirographic Designs In Light
Tiny Lights In Motion

Black Acrylic Glass
Magical Reflections

Amusement Parks At Night
Lights At Night Are Fantastic!

Water Drops
Catching The “Splish And Splash”

High Dynamic Range For Expanded Contrast

Learning Center

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