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Digital Features
Press the QUAL button below the rear control panel, and you can choose the image size (number of pixels) and image quality (raw, TIFF, or degree of JPEG compression). Format choices include NEF (Nikon Electronic Format raw), TIFF, and three JPEG options. Size choices in all formats include Large (4288x2848 pixels), Medium (3216x2136 pixels) and Small (2144x1424 pixels). You can simultaneously record NEF images plus any of the JPEG image options.

There are seven white-balance settings plus white balance preset (which allows you to use a subject, light source or existing photo as the white-balance reference), and color temperature (2500-10,000 K) settings. You can also change the white balance of raw (NEF) images after-the-fact using optional Nikon Capture 4 software.

The D2X utilizes an 12.4 megapixel CMOS sensor with a 1.5x “cropping factor.” The advanced 3D Color Matrix II metering system evaluates color and subject distance information when type D of G Nikkor lenses are used to deliver very accurate exposures under a wide variety of lighting conditions.

A large 2.5-inch, 232,000-dot TFT color LCD monitor on the camera back can be set to display the just-shot image until you partially depress the shutter button, and you can display the last image shot by pressing the display button, then scroll through all images on the cards in the camera by using the multi selector. You can activate highlight alert, which causes overexposed areas of the image to flash—a very handy feature in contrasty lighting.

There’s lots more to the new D2X that we don't have room to include here; visit our website at www.photographic.com to see more details.

This is Nikon’s best digital SLR ever, no question. It has the most megapixels, the best performance and the most versatility, at a price that won’t scare off the pros it’s aimed at. I expect that most Nikon pros will be using one before very long.

Photo by Moose Peterson

LENS MOUNT: Nikon F bayonet
IMAGING ELEMENT: 12.4 megapixel 23.7x15.7mm CMOS sensor; 1.5x “crop factor”
MAX. RESOLUTION: 4288x2848 pixels
IMAGE STORAGE: CompactFlash cards, Microdrives
FOCUSING: TTL phase-detection AF via Multi-CAM2000 AF module; single-shot and continuous AF with automatic focus tracking; 11 AF areas (9 cross-type sensors), selectable by user or camera; AF range EV -1 to 19 (ISO 100)
METERING: 3D color matrix, 75 percent center-weighted, 2 percent spot
EXPOSURE MODES: Shiftable program AE, shutter- and aperture-priority AE, metered manual
ISO RANGE: 100–800 in 1/3-EV steps; also 1600 and 3200
SHUTTER: Electronically controlled vertical-travel focal-plane shutter with speeds from 30 sec to 1/8000, plus B
SHOOTING MODES: Single-shot, continuous low (1-4 fps at full resolution, 1-7 fps at 6.8 megapixels), continuous high (5 fps full res, 8 fps 6.8 megapixels)
FLASH: i-TTL Balanced Fill-Flash with optional SB-800 or SB-600 Speedlight flash units via hot shoe or wirelessly; PC connector for studio flash
POWER SOURCE: One 11.1V EN-EL-4 rechargeable Li ion battery
DIMENSIONS: 6.2x5.9x3.4”
WEIGHT: 37.7 oz
STREET PRICE: $4999.95
DISTRIBUTOR: Nikon U.S.A. Inc., www.nikondigital.com

Key Features
• 12.4 megapixels at 5 fps
• 6.8 megapixels at 8 fps
• Instant start up
• Wireless image transmission
• Very rugged
• i-TTL flash

More Online
To read past reviews of high-end D-SLRs, visit the archive section of our website at: www.photographic.com/productreviews/digitalcameras

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