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The Fujifilm XPro3 is an oddball camera with a specific niche of photographer in mind. If you're a street photographer or still have a taste for analog rangefinder-style cameras in a digital world, the XPro3 might be just what you've been looking for. Everyone else though might want to pass on this quirky, occasionally amazing and, at times, confounding retro-fied digital camera. Let's get the confounding stuff out of the way first. Reviewers were divided on the Fujifilm XPro3's 3-inch tilting LCD touchscreen, which flips flush to the body on the camera, so it stays "hidden." This, of course, makes reviewing images difficult (you'll be less included to "chimp" your photos) but it is good for discreet "waist-level" shooting of shy subjects when the LCD is flipped down. Some photographers may like this because it forces them to "be in the moment" of shooting (like during the film days) rather than constantly checking the screen. Others might find it frustrating. The XPro3's overall design takes some getting used to but once you do, you'll likely appreciate the camera's excellent image quality; fast focusing; beautiful and durable titanium design; fun film simulation modes; and its unique optical/electronic hybrid viewfinder. In fact, the word "unique" pretty much sums up the whole XPro3 experience.

+ Excellent image quality
+ Unique optical/electronic hybrid viewfinder
+ Beautiful, titanium camera design with weather sealing
+ Hidden LCD oddly freeing (some might not like it though)
+ Flip-down screen provides discreet, waist-level shooting
+ Fun film simulation modes
+ Fast focusing
+ High speed shooting (20fps bursts)
+ Crisp 4K video
+ Not for everyone, particularly hidden LCD screen
+ Design takes some getting used to
+ Duratect coating option costs more and is prone to oily smudging
+ Folding LCD can block tripod mount
+ No in-camera image stabilization
Full Model Name
Fujifilm X-Pro3
Camera Type
Mirrorless Camera (Rangefinder-Style)
Sensor Format
Frame Rate
20 frames per second
Autofocus System
425-point phase detection
X-Processor 4
ISO Range
ISO 160-12800 (expands to 80-51200)
Hybrid optical viewfinder/electronic viewfinder (OVF/EVF)
Weather/Water Proofing
Weather sealing
Rear Screen
3-inch tilting 1,620,000-dot LCD touchscreen
Card Slots
Dual UHS-II SD card slots
Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
5.5 x 3.3 x 1.8 inches
17.5 ounces
$1799 (Black); $1999 (Dura Black & Dura Silver models)
Top Reviews

"The X-Pro3 is a unique mirrorless camera, and will appeal to those who want a waist-level screen or an optical viewfinder experience. It'll be a camera you either covet or don’t see the value of, but that polarization is the X-Pro 3’s defining characteristic, and some photographers will find it very compelling." - DPReview, read the full review here.


"The Fujifilm X-Pro3 set out with a mission: to keep photographers shooting, rather than chimping (checking your photos as you shoot them). The camera's 'hidden LCD' achieves this aim, forcing you to reconsider how you approach your shots, and captures the purity and joy of taking photographs. However, by challenging you to shoot in a traditional way, at times it impedes your ability to shoot in a modern one," - Digital Camera World, read the full review here.


"The X-Pro3 is the most peculiar model yet in Fujifilm’s X-Pro series, and that’s saying something. On the one hand, it has a stylish, bullet-proof body with lots of manual controls. However, you can only see the ISO plus Fujifilm’s black & white and other film simulations on the rear display, not what you’re actually shooting." - Engadget, read the full review here.


"Overall, I enjoyed my time shooting with the Fujifilm X-Pro3 in New York City. As mentioned, the unique (to say the least) hidden LCD feature and mini-display combo take some getting used to. Although I only had about an hour with the camera, I got the swing of it fairly quickly. Shooting with the Fujifilm X-Pro3 did feel a bit like when I used to hit the streets with a film rangefinder camera, except with the instant gratification of digital being there if you wanted it. Plus, I didn't have to spend any extra money on film." - Shutterbug, read the full review here.


"After using the X-Pro3 for a few weeks, it became clear to me that this is a specialist camera best suited to a very specific type of photographer. It has strong opinions about how it should be used. It's not for everyone, but if you share Fujifilm's vision of what a digital rangefinder camera can and should be, then it could be for you." - Wired, read the full review here.


"The X-Pro3 is certainly a niche camera, even more so than the previous two generations, but in a world where specs are king, Fujifilm are hoping a more personal approach will actually drive sales, rather than decrease them. Only time will tell if this makes commercial sense, but the X-Pro3 is definitely worth trying-out in person if you value a more traditional, considered approach to taking photos." - Photography Blog, read the full review here.


"The Fujifilm X-Pro3 offers excellent image quality and a good range of lenses, as well as a unique shooting experience. It's not for everyone, but for those that want a traditional rangefinder-style camera, then the X-Pro3 is lust-worthy." - ePHOTOzine, read the full review here.

"The X-Pro series has always been about delivering a different experience, and while earlier models didn’t always fit with my own personal style, I really enjoyed my time with the X-Pro3. I attribute most of this to the new screen which on the one hand flips quickly down for discreet or low-level shooting, but on the other genuinely encourages you to forget about the menus and playback and just keep shooting. Knowing I had this flexibility also allowed me to relax and enjoy the optical viewfinder much more than before, and I found myself embracing a quite different style which was genuinely refreshing." - Cameralabs, read the full review here.


"Fujifilm has hidden the camera's main screen to encourage photographers to concentrate on what they see in the viewfinder. That's a decision that is bound to split opinion. Some photographers will love it while others will scratch their heads and wonder why." - Camera Jabber, read the full review here.


"Personally, I love the design choices Fujifilm has made with this X-Pro3. As a travel and documentary photographer, I fall exactly within the target audience of this camera. I almost never use a touchscreen, I rarely frame my photographs using an LCD, and I much prefer the discrete look and feel of this camera over some of the flashier alternatives." - Fstoppers, read the full review here.


"It was a brave decision for Fujifilm to take the direction they have with the X-Pro3. The idea of discouraging users from pulling their eye away from the viewfinder to review shots and be more engrossed in their shooting has worked, however there will be many who miss having a rear screen to glance at without having to pull it down first. For certain types of street and documentary photographers who like to witness and shoot every moment through the viewfinder, it may be enticing." - Amateur Photographer, read the full review here.


"An already niche X-Pro line-up just turned the niche volume level to 11. Will the X-Pro 3 cement its place in the heart of an existing fan base? Surely. Will it further distance the rest? Probably. It’s not for everyone, but it is great," - Pocket Lint, read the full review here.


 "By focusing the X-Pro3 so narrowly, Fujifilm might be putting off fans of its prior models, which gave you retro controls and design, but without compromising on so much of the digital conveniences of modern photography. Yes, the X-Pro3 is just as capable as any other modern digital camera in terms of resolution, image quality, autofocus, and even wireless connectivity. But you have to dig a lot deeper to get to those features in the X-Pro3 than virtually any other camera you might buy today." - The Verge, read the full review here.


"This X-Pro3 is for people who demand more than a great picture; it's for people who appreciate a fine camera as a work of art in and of itself. This X-Pro3 is a pleasure to behold; today's best interpretation of what a fine rangefinder camera should be, and one of the very few with the courage to eliminate the rear LCD, the biggest crutch of those with little talent." - Ken Rockwell, read the full review here.


"The Fujifilm X-Pro3 is a love letter to rangefinder aficionados, and does the best job (this side of Leica) of making the digital experience feel a bit more like film." - PCMag, read the full review here.

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