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Petersen’s PHOTOgraphic Digital Photo Guide, available only on newsstands, is a beautifully designed quarterly with 48 pages of up-to-date tutorials, uninterrupted by advertising from cover to cover.

You can't go home again." The title of Thomas Wolfe's famous 1940 manuscript resonates in today's world of photography. Once you've experienced the thrill and immediacy of mobile imaging, it's hard to view "big boy" cameras and computers with the same enthusiasm...ever again.

And the excitement continues to build for mobile image makers. The choices abound: you can cozy up to the comfortable (and app-rich) world of Apple's iPhone and iPad, move to an Android phone with a lush 5" screen, or even embrace a 42 megapixel wonder from Nokia that offers amazing digital zoom. And if you want to get really excited, remember it's early in the game for mobile photography. Today is like the 2nd inning of a game that will go far into extra innings. Some of the information in these pages will be dated before the blink of an eye. But, heck, that's part of the thrill. If we wait for the game to slow, we'll miss so much of the fun. So let's fasten our seat belts and learn what's possible today!

Volume 22 - Smartphone Photography
Volume 21 - Color & Light
Volume 20 - Personal Vision
Volume 19 - Home Studio
Volume 18 - Meeting Photo Challenges
Volume 17 - Creative Image Processing
Volume 16 - Nature & Outdoor
Volume 15 - Creating Better Photographics
Volume 14 - Night & Low Light Photography
Volume 13 - iPhone Photography
Volume 12 - Light & Exposure
Volume 11 - Close-Up & Macro
Volume 10 - Personal Projects
Volume 9 - Digital Back & White Photography
Volume 8 - Flash Photography
Volume 7 - Travel Photography
Volume 6 - Color & Design
Volume 5 - Choosing & Using Lenses
Volume 4 - People Photography
Volume 3 - Landscape Photography
Volume 2 - Mastering Composition

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